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Jason Silva and Kevin Kelly on Evolving Technology: The Technium

If you ask the previous generations, there is a prevailing opinion that technology is a socially separating force that melts our minds and creates robots from children. Kevin Kelly‘s theory of the Technium, however, suggests that technology may just be an external expression of evolution. Even broader than the narrow realm of gadgetry, the phenomenon of idea to reality is the direct manifestation of intellectual power, an emergent property of our minds and collective consciousness. Technology is a unique talent of our species, and could be a dynamic aspect of nature itself.


Why You Should Save the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest


In the heart of South America lies a forest full of variety and diversity of species. The Amazon Rainforest covers an incredible 2.5 million square miles of green, bountiful life. To me, this place is one of the most interesting place in terms of species. The Rainforest has been said to hold up to 20-40 million different types of species, although mainly that statistic is for bugs and insects. This place is the central location where life teems, and new discoveries are made. Unfortunately, the side effects of capitalism are encroaching on one of life’s most beautiful monuments and destroying it rapidly.