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Chris Hadfield: The Astronaut, Commander, and Now Photographer

Chris Hadfield CameraThe technique is seemingly simple: Focus, Frame, and Fire. The size of the camera, however, is simply intimidating. ISS Commander and now photographer Chris Hadfield uses these skills and equipment when taking pictures of our home for us humans back on the ground. From the Sahara to the sun glinting off of rivers and lakes, Hadfield has enamored crowds of online viewers by capturing stunning scenes of our planet from above. (more…)

22 Incredible Pictures of Life

A few days ago I posted a collection of fifteen pictures that I really liked. That however, was just he tip of the iceberg. As a huge fan of what the Earth provides for us, I collect tons of pictures that I find fascinating. I believe the Earth is relentless with its beauty, showing us complexity and sophistication at every turn we take. Pictures like these are what inspire me and motivate me to keep this blog going, and hopefully they inspire you too.


The Best Nature Wallpapers On the Internet

Blue Lake

Reflecting on Southern Utah

Norwegian Clarity