Astronomers Access the Songs of Stars to Catalogue Them

As if sound weren’t already a mesmerizing mystery of the universe, scientists are now using it to chart the stars. By recording the light observed by the Kepler telescope before it broke, songs can be created that translate the optical characteristics of stars into ominous rhythms. This is an artistic perception of the cosmos, but also an interesting way to detect exoplanets and determine where stars are in their stellar cycles.  Continue reading “Astronomers Access the Songs of Stars to Catalogue Them”

The Easiest Explanation for Global Warming Narrated by Bill Nye

Despite what the media may portray, global warming is a real threat to our survival on this planet. Even worse, we’ve catalyzed global warming since humanity started developing powerful combustion machines during the Industrial Revolution. YouTube’s ClimateReality has given us simple, reproducible proof that our planet is actually warming. This demonstration is that proof. Continue reading “The Easiest Explanation for Global Warming Narrated by Bill Nye”

Time-Lapse of Curiosity’s First Year on Mars

On August 5, 2012, humanity’s biggest Mars rover touched down on the planet’s rusty red surface.The rover would set new records for the frontier of space exploration and was intended to read Mars‘ geological story. Its name was Curiosity, and it was sent to find out if Mars could have hosted microbial life. This is a time lapse of its interplanetary experience. Continue reading “Time-Lapse of Curiosity’s First Year on Mars”

What Messenger Saw As it Left Earth for Mercury

Out of all the violent and inhabitable planets in our solar system, we occupy the tiny photogenic dust mote called Earth. And we humans haven’t personally made it very far into our solar system either- we still have to send robots to do our science. But on August 2, 2005, MESSENGER, a space probe developed to research the volatile planet of Mercury, returned to us spectacular footage of Earth. This footage allows us to virtually experience 230,000 miles departure from our planetary home. Continue reading “What Messenger Saw As it Left Earth for Mercury”

Ride A Space Shuttle into Low Earth Orbit

Have you ever wanted to travel to space? Well, it’s probably out of your financial reach, but this clip will allow you to get as close as possible to riding a space shuttle. From the launch pad to the beautiful view outside Earth’s atmosphere, finally can we get an idea of what it takes to get to space. Continue reading “Ride A Space Shuttle into Low Earth Orbit”