Melodysheep Songifies Our Place in the Cosmos

What’s our place in the cosmos, what’s the purpose of space exploration, and who are we as humans? These are the overarching questions we have begun to ask ourselves in this, the last second of December 31st on the cosmic calendar. Needless to say, there is profound beauty in the realization that we are humans on this lonely blue dot hurdling around one sun out of trillions. This is just MelodySheep’s way of interpreting the facts.

Symphony of Science Milky WayAlthough broad, the message from this song should undoubtedly empower every human on Earth. Just take a second to consider what it means for you to be living at this very moment!

You’re the descendant of billions of years of natural selection and even perhaps stellar evolution if depending on how far back you look. As the culmination of this remarkable kind of matter, you exist on a miniscule pebble along with billions of other members of your species, collectively working together to make their mark on the cosmos. Your species has developed sophisticated technology that left the solar system (or is leaving depending on your perspective) and personally stepped on the moon.

What else is in store for us? What discovery about our universe will open our eyes anew once more?

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