How the Cosmic Perspective is Beginning to Influence Our Planet

Ever since humanity departed from this small planet, looked back upon its home, and gave us a picture of our home as a system, there has been no question: From afar, Earth is but one gigantic living organism. We, the life force of this rock, have created a divisions within ourselves and are even warring with our own species. But hope isn’t lost. As we realize our innate unification with ourselves and the rest of the life on this planet, not only will we withdraw our intellectual borders, but we will work together for the survival of this beautiful planetary organism.

Earth from Afar from secondfirstsChristopher Hitchens’ commentary on the hierarchy of human presence is absolutely astute; how could a benevolent, omniscient God give one of us a secret that he wouldn’t share with others? Can humanity operate efficiently under this destructive pattern of behavior?

We must, and are beginning to, understand this global form of inequality. This planetary superiority complex simply isn’t sustainable.

Once the cultural software of segregation is transcended, then can we begin the transition into unity. We can begin what Carl Sagan says happened after we saw Earth from space.

Most importantly, it will be common knowledge that we are one.

Anything to Say?

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