TED Founder Richard Wurman Explains Information, Questions, and Innovation

Richard Wurman, an author, architect, and founder of the TED conference says there is no information explosion. His justification? There is actually a non-information explosion happening! We’re being subjected to useless data when we should be questioning information to satisfy our curiosity. This problem lies at the base of learning, teaching, and having ideas.

Richard Saul Wurman Word Cloud from JuanOsborneWhat Wurman says is true: Learning is remembering what you’re interested in. If you have a passion for whatever you’re learning, you’ll remember the material and see the activity as a positive experience. Otherwise, you’re just going to forget what you learn.

This is why teachers must “engender curiosity” instead of teaching from the top down. The force for learning is inside of every human, but it can’t be tapped by force-fed instruction.

And finally, we need to celebrate the power of the idea. One person’s different perspective of the world can lead to what Wurman calls an epiphany, or idea that can manifest itself in reality. This is the extraordinary power that has allowed humans to conquer the planet.

Wurman’s opinions are already influencing the world through the TED conference where ideas are shared and problems are solved. These words are simply the articulation of his genius.

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