How Life and Intelligence Emerge

Life’s “anti-entropic” nature is its key to complexity. The emergent properties from self-organization of atoms against the entropic grain of the universe have led to the global human mind and even self-awareness. In this video from Jason Silva‘s Shots of Awe, this emergence of life and intelligence have made possible the transcendent behaviors we have harnessed to conquer this planet, and soon this entire reality.

Smoking the Milky Way from ForbesIn Silva’s example of an “anti-entropic” phenomena, birds come together in a flock without the direction or guidance of an external force. This is the same principle of self-assembly that life has utilized to fight the inherent disassembling forces of our cosmos.

Thanks to this process, not only are we alive, but we find ourselves at a stage in our development where we are preparing to awaken our universe with consciousness. It began with single cellular life, proceeded to mammalian self-awareness, and is now producing some of the most powerful technologies our planet has ever seen.

Soon we will merge with the products of our intelligence, and from each emergent step of our evolution, we will conquer the cosmos.

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