Jason Silva Explaining the Six Epochs of Our Evolution

It seems as if we’re entering an era where everything we imagine is possible. Any thought capable of entering the realm of human perception can be executed thanks to what some call the singularity, or unification of man, machine, and reality. In this video from ShotsofAwe, Jason Silva enthusiastically describes these major landmarks of our evolution.

The Six Epochs of EvolutionEpoch one is the storage of information in the natural order of chemical interactions, epoch two the storage of information in nucleotides of DNA, and epoch three being the storage of knowledge in the form of our brains’ electrical signals.

Four, five, and six are all technology related. Four is the first emergence of technology as a tool, five as the utilization of technology to better our lives (i.e. Computers expanding our cognitive horizons), and six finally being the complete immersion of our technology into the world around us. Once epoch six is reached, everything in the universe is subject to man’s manipulation. Our imaginations are the only boundaries from ‘pure self-engineering’ as Terence McKenna calls it.

Whether we like it or not, epoch six is the ultimate end we’re inevitably approaching. Our evolution has been leading us, and the rest of life for that matter, to one final state: Complete universal awareness. If Carl Sagan were here, this would be the point where he says the cosmos now completely knows itself.

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