Melodysheep + Neil Armstrong = Blue & Beautiful

Neil Armstrong on Moon from ankitmathur111.wordpress.comAs we should all know, Neil Armstrong was the first person to step foot on the moon. This was arguably the most cosmically significant milestone in mankind’s history, and it’s only fitting that Melodysheep remixed one of Armstrong’s return interviews. From the universe of potential adjectives Armstrong could have chosen, the song harps on the Earth being “blue and beautiful.” These words are simple, yet powerful. 

Above all, however, is Armstrong’s quote: “When man understands the universe around him, it’s the beginning of the era when man understands himself.”

Armstrong is articulating a profound relationship between humans and the cosmos we inhabit. By flying to the moon and adventuring relatively deep into the unknown blackness, we learned enduring lessons about ourselves and our place in this universe. We saw the Earth from afar: a unified system of life without borders or conflict. The timeless wisdom we inherited from this perspective imprinted itself, quite literally, into our cultural DNA. We became aware of our cosmic presence.

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