National Geographic Takes You to the Edge of Our Universe in this Documentary

Journey to the Edge of the Universe from chicktech.comFrom Earth to the edge of the universe; that is the scale of this journey. In this episode of National Geographic’s ‘The Universe’ documentary series, CGI is taken to its technological limits to give you the best possible tour of our majestic universe. This adventure goes from the moon to the edge of our solar system and even to the outermost nebulae of deep space. While it might be somewhat long, it effectively illustrates our actual environment in its natural beauty- and horror. In this documentary, what is most destructive ironically results in the most wondrous beauty.

Overall, this documentary truly helps you understand the cosmic perspective. From these great distances, our seemingly impossible problems shrink into how they factually exist: meaningless human obstacles on the tiny dust mote 93 million miles from the sun in a galaxy of 400 billion suns. All egocentric perceptions collapse in the awe of the our celestial wonderland.

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