Bill Nye Explains How to Greet an Alien

Bill Nye Discusses Aliens from jimmyfungus.comThe question has been answered by many science fiction television series, but seriously: How would we initiate conversation with an alien? Bill Nye, popularly known as the science guy, has the best answer yet. He would ask questions like “when did life start on your planet?” or, “why are you here” or even, “that’s a nice hat.”

But the task of introducing humanity to extraterrestrial life still remains complicated and unpredictable. Contrary to what television would have you think, the aliens probably won’t speak English. They also probably won’t be looking for a pleasant conversation with another organism. It’s simply impossible to imagine. One thing is certain, however. The meeting of life from outer space and the knowledge we are not alone in the universe would, as Bill Nye puts it, change the world.

Anything to Say?

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