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How Many Universes Are There? Chris Anderson Explains this Frontier of Physics

How Many Universes Are ThereExperiencing this universe through the senses of a human can be humbling, especially when you take into consideration how small we are in relation to the universe and how big we are in relation to the subatomic particles which comprise us. But even if the Earth alone isn’t jaw-dropping enough, what about the rest of the galaxy, or even the other galaxies? According to TED Curator and Narrator of this TEDEd Lesson, Chris Anderson, the number of stars in our galaxy could fill a 30 foot by 30 foot, 3 foot deep stretch of sand grains. Even more astonishing: All of the stars in the known universe couldn’t even be represented by our entire planet!¬†

But that’s just the beginning. Scientists are now thinking that our universe might just be part of a larger system of universes. String theory, which is trying to explain quantum behavior, can only work if there are numerous universes and we sit in the moment of just one. So if your mind was already boggled by the size of just our universe, try and wrap your head around infinity of them.

If it’s hard to understand the scale illustrated in this video, it is hopefully easier to appreciate the progress being made by science. Every day we ¬†discover more beautiful truths about our existence, and now here we trying to contemplate and understand the scale of the entire universe(s).

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