Anthropocene: Humanity’s Most Redefining Era on this Planet

The Anthropocene from anthropocene is the chronological term for humanity’s global presence. This new time period we’ve assumed as humans means we now impact the entire biosphere of Earth. In this profound music video created by MelodySheep, the significance of being a member of this age becomes almost tangible. We have a responsibility to this planet now. It must be protected from our kind of destruction if we want life as we know it to continue.

The sponsor of this video, Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, is working toward an open-sourced future of science. They believe basic knowledge can lead to sustainable solutions for our global society. If we align our intellectual efforts in finding the answers to humanity’s problems, we can minimize our impact on our home.

This is our time to do science and help the Earth in the process.

Anything to Say?

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