The Future’s Cleanest Place to Live: Masdar City

Masdar City from esri.comIn the theme of Earth day celebrations, here’s a city that plans to redefine the meaning of energy efficiency. This city is called Masdar (in Arabic, the Source), and it’s being developed 17 km (11 mi) southeast of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Masdar City is expected to be inhabitable by 2015, but right now it’s already raising some eyebrows at its future potential for the ultimate green capabilities.

The builders of Masdar claim their city will be completely energy independent sometime in the 2010’s, and they are doing so by relying heavily on the desert’s intense solar energy, geothermal sources, and even waste from future occupants. That’s not the only measure they’re taking either- the buildings are spaced close together and designed with special curves so they take advantage of shade and wind, thus reducing the demand for air conditioning. Even the transportation is fully automated and powered by renewable energy!

Masdar Institute from

Masdar also intends to be a hub of technological research. They are working with governments and companies to make sure their institutes and resources are the best possible assets to their students working in the field of renewable energy. So far, they’ve received enormous contributions from organizations like Coenergy and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Nearly everything you need to know can be learned from Robert Llewellyn‘s series Fully Charged:

More about its innovative system of transportation, the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT):

Last but not least, this article wouldn’t be complete without an aerial fly-through of this beautiful city:

Masdar will be a sight to behold in the coming decade. It will either fail due to technical difficulties and location or shine as brightest and most innovative city on Earth. Either way, it’s fantastic to see humanity working so hard to reduce their impact on our planet.

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