Where Does Consciousness Come From? Stuart Hameroff May Have An Idea

Stuart HameroffWhere does consciousness begin? Is it all around us? Are our brains computing our experience? Professor at University of Arizona and anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff is developed a new theory called Orch OR, or orchestrated objective reduction, which may help us find the origin of what some may call the ‘spirit.’ Hameroff suspects that the source of our┬áconsciousness┬álies in the relationship between quantum and classical physics– more specifically in the microtubules in our neurons. He dispels the notion of downloadable consciousness in the way of classical bits, but perhaps possible with the simulations of these microtubules. Even more interesting: He believes consciousness may not actually be confined to the body. Although it seems like mostly speculation, the ideas are interesting.

One thought on “Where Does Consciousness Come From? Stuart Hameroff May Have An Idea

  1. So far, Hameroff & Penrose are the only scientists I know who offer a compelling evidence-based approach to the concept of spirituality, thus further defining the concept or rather: Explaining its mere phenomenological existence from a science-based angle. And as we hear Hameroff say in the video, their theories still stand fairly good a ground and weren’t really refuted from anyone to this day. Very intriguing stuff!

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