Lawrence Lessig Addresses What is Wrong with American Politics

Lawrence Lessig from wharton.upenn.eduIt’s this simple: There are conflicting dependencies between the people, the politicians, and the people who fund them. Author of Republic Lost, founder of Rootstrikers, and most of all founder of Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig shows some shocking statistics that really uncover the dirt behind political corruption┬áin America. According to his presentation, only 132 Americans provided 60% of campaign money in this last election cycle. Not only is this an alarming number, but even he deems the problem as impossible. But he believes we can tackle big government just like we’ve historically tackled social issues if we only have the love for our country. Lessig not only informs in this TED talk, but especially motivates. It’s time we listen to him and become aware of this massive roadblock for America politics.

Anything to Say?

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