Baxter: The Robot That Will Increase Productivity While Saving Jobs

The field of robotics as an example of engineering and technology at their peaks. Today, robots are being used to solve the unsustainable trade transitions happening from American to China. Rodney Brooks, the man responsible for the Roomba cleaning robot, has invented Baxter: a robot that will allow workers to shift from mundane, repetitive tasks to intuitive programming of an automated machine. The reason this new robot is so important is because it doesn’t necessarily remove the worker from the process, but rather promotes him.

Baxter the Robot from

Baxter can dynamically sense surfaces, humans, and is the most collaborative manufacturing robot to hit the market. It requires no safety cages and even has eyes for visual feedback. Baxter can be programmed simply by kinesthetic learning, which means workers have to only move its arms to program it. This is possibly the most humanized robot in the field of manufacturing.

But of course an article about Baxter wouldn’t be complete without a demonstration:

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