Russia, Meet Cosmos: Meteorite Collision in Ural Mountains

Only six days after a post about a meteor caught on tape and the same day of the 2012DA14 fly-by, Russia encounters a serious problem with the cosmos playing pinball. Thousands watched as a bright flashing fireball crossed over the Ural Mountains as if it were some sort of apocalyptic scenario. In the end, over 950 people were seriously injured and at least 3 people left hospitalized in serious condition. The European Space Agency confirmed that the meteor had no link to 2012DA14, however. If there’s any lesson to learn from this rare event, it’s that the universe doesn’t mind giving us a visit by throwing a grain of sand our way. More can be found in the thread exploding on Reddit.

Here’s footage of some of the aftermath. You can actually see the windows shattered from the explosive sound wave:

Below are pictures of the damage from Russia Today:

Exploded Windows Meteor in Sky Hole in Lake Hole in Factory Hole in Factory 2 Windows Explosion

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