Google Glass – A New Kind of Reality

Imagine a world where your cell phone isn’t in your pocket, but in the air around you. Believe it or not, Google has actually been working on a project to make that happen. This new project is called Google Glass, and it has the potential to transform the world.

There’s virtually no situation that couldn’t be enhanced somehow with augmented reality. (If you can think of one, put it in the comments section.) The revolutionary, almost radical, change this could bring about would make life so much easier. Not only would life be easier, but definitely more fun.

Google Glasses on Woman

The spirit that went into this feat of engineering is one of genuine openness. Google, in their infinite web wisdom, understood that collaboration, creativity, and technology are the biggest factors of world change. Google’s purpose for these glasses seems to be to upgrade our social lives, encourage curiosity, and create an immersive environment.

Google Glasses on Man

In their Google I/O conference, they streamed a live video from the Google Glasses- from the perspective of extreme sports. Moments like that are what make life worth living, and with Google Glasses the experience can last so much longer.

Don’t hop out of your seat just yet though-these glasses aren’t being shipped until early 2013, and will cost developers a whopping $1,500. It is predicted that when they hit the consumer market, they will cost as much as a smart phone. This is so much more than a smart phone though… This is a smart reality.

Augmented reality, surprisingly, isn’t a new idea however. Several companies have tried to create a wearable system, but until now they were unrealistic. In today’s consumer technology, apps exist for iPhones and iPads that enable you to manipulate reality as well.

These glasses are by far one of the most realistic and fascinating inventions of our time. This isn’t a joke from some chain email, but a real project being constructed by everyone’s favorite search engine: Google. They have taken hold of the future and turned it into their own. This will be the revolution to watch.

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