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Was the Miller-Urey Experiment Valid?

The Validity of the Miller-Urey Experiment

The first experiment to determine if the building blocks for life (amino acids) could be formed in the early Earth atmosphere was the Miller-Urey experiment. Stanley Miller and Harold Urey, at the University of Chicago, combined various gases and sparks in an attempt to replicate the early conditions of the Earth’s atmosphere. The experiment is now popularly considered invalid, but the result is clear. Amino acids, the very foundations of 3.7 billion years of life, are created by the simple interference of energy in the right gaseous mixture. These ingredients are not rare or magical in any way. Life is essentially a chemical reaction that, as it seems, could be common throughout the universe.


What Ron Paul Means for Freedom

Ron PaulAmerica‘s Last Hope?

America has become nothing but a monster government that taxes and laws its people carelessly in a futile effort to revive the economy it tragically gave out overseas. Citizens of this monster have lost their buying power, and the value of a incredibly complex human life is becoming nothing. The system is separating us from each other, hiding the truth, and has been doing this for longer than most of us understand. A David named Ron Paul has stepped up to fight this Goliath government. This Texas Congressman is the embodiment of the fight for freedom, and one of the rare people who understand the value of life.


Curiosity – The Mars Science Laboratory Mission

Curiosity – The MSL Mission

On November 26th, 2011 at 10:02 EST, the Curiosity rover was launched into its 7 month flight to the Gale Crater on Mars. Curiosity, unlike the other rover missions, is the biggest and most important mission proposed by NASA, weighing in a at a hefty 2.5 billion dollars. The goal of the mission is to analyze our neighbor planet much more closely, all the way down to the chemical composition of the soil. Say hello to our best robot yet Mars.


The Cosmic Perspective

“For you were made from dust, and to dust you shall return.”
Genesis 3:19

The Hubble Space Telescope, launched in 1990 and repaired for the last time in 2009, has led to some of the most important discoveries astrophysics has ever made.  The HST has helped constrain the value of the Hubble Constant, a variable in physics that determines the rate of expansion of the universe; it has helped refine estimates about the age of the universe; it has observed the earliest stages of planetary development, the proplyds (short for proto-planetary disks); it has helped to identify one of the most mysterious pheonomena in physics, dark energy, which may be responsible for the acceleration of the universe; and it has helped determine the nature of the relationship between galaxies and their black holes.


Protesters Fighting for Land In Wukan, China

Land-Grabs in Wukan, China


In the southern village of Wukan, China villagers are the victim of government theft. The people have been cheated by a corrupt communist system who is taking their land, and selling it in secrecy. The movement has been escalating since September of this year, but on December 9th the death of Xue Jinbo sparked the uprising, and unification, of the Wukan people.