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Why You Should Save the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest


In the heart of South America lies a forest full of variety and diversity of species. The Amazon Rainforest covers an incredible 2.5 million square miles of green, bountiful life. To me, this place is one of the most interesting place in terms of species. The Rainforest has been said to hold up to 20-40 million different types of species, although mainly that statistic is for bugs and insects. This place is the central location where life teems, and new discoveries are made. Unfortunately, the side effects of capitalism are encroaching on one of life’s most beautiful monuments and destroying it rapidly.


How Much of Earth’s Resources Are Left?

How Much Is Left?

(Scientific American)

I’m a big fan of interactive features on websites, and I found an awesome one on Scientific American. It’s called ‘How Much Is Left?’ and it’s an interactive animation about how many of the Earth’s resources are left. It actually gives a load of great information, and you can even watch videos about the decline of each source with question for people in that field. I personally think the design looks awesome too.


Dust Storms Are Scarier Than You Think

What Are Dust Storms?


Dust storms don’t really sound like much, but it’s not until you see actual pictures of them that the real threat comes into perspective. Most people assume that the height of the dust threat lingers in the 1930s with the Dust Bowl, but several notable dust storms have happened over the course of time. In their wake, dust storms leave unique signatures on the land. Cattle during the dust bowl were helpless, and ran around until their lungs filled with mud. Roosters would fall asleep and die because they mistook the light outside for night. A giant windy cloud of fast moving dust particles may seem harmless, but they do more damage than people think.


HOME : A Movie About Conservation that Brings It… Home.


(Official Website)

While I was browsing reddit earlier I stumbled upon this incredible film about the Earth’s depletion of resources, and how humans have accelerated this process over a very short amount of time. Home, directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand brings incredible high definition shots of beautiful locations, and a theme that only amplifies the true beauty of each scene. This film is a little left-sided, but nonetheless it carries a great message that everyone on this planet should hear. I seriously think that, I’m not exaggerating that I think every single person should see this, especially in countries who control the wealth. Home spreads a message of sharing, of gathering our energy from the sun, and going back to tradition. Home wants us to live with nature, instead of racing it.


Hang Son Doong, The Largest Cave of Them All

Hang Sơn Đoòng

(National Geographic)

There’s a reason this cave has been called the “Mammoth Cavern.” Hang Son Doong in the jungles of the Annamite Mountains in Vietman is the largest cave known to man, and it still hasn’t been explored fully. Discovered by the British Cave Research Association, this mammoth cave has been measured at over 6.5 kilometers, and a wall of calcite blocks any further investigation. Inside of this incredible cave is a lake, a jungle, and a teeming variety of ecosystems created by a collapsing cave ceiling.This place is literally a world inside of a cave.